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Searching for foxes at the Brocklesby estate

The Brocklesby Hunt is a yearly tradition held in large part to display the magnificence of the Brocklesby hounds. They’ve been bred on the estate for more than 400 years and they are the finest of their kind. They are extraordinary Foxhounds that can sniff out an animal they’re hunting with little trouble. That’s what makes the Brocklesby Hunt such a treat and why you should visit and watch. Before it starts the hounds and their masters on horses gather, chat, and wait for the official signal. When it’s given the hounds take off in search of the foxes and your jaw will drop at how quickly and efficiently they move. They have a singular purpose and nothing can deter them from achieving it. As a fan of Foxhounds and the breeding process you’ll be amazed. Sometimes you can even see the young ones learning how to do it properly.