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Horses and hounds at Brocklesby Hunt

Any fan of horses and hounds needs to visit the Brocklesby Hunt at some point in their life. First, the hounds have been raised on the Brocklesby Estate continuously since 1700 and they are impeccably bred. A long line of excellent breeding and top notch training ensures that these are the finest Foxhounds in the world so if you have even a passing interest in that sort of thing you need to get there for the Hunt and watch these wondrous animals at work.

The same can be said for any fan of horses. As is true of the hounds the horses of the Brocklesby Hunt are magnificent creatures trained to carry their masters to victory in the search for foxes. They also hold equestrian competitions at the Brocklesby Hunt so you can watch the animals leap and run and see their sinewy muscles work hard to gain victory.