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The Brocklesby hunt is a minor tourist attraction

Calling the Brocklesby Hunt a minor tourist attraction isn’t an insult. The fact that it’s a tourist attraction at all is pretty amazing and that’s largely due to the fact that it’s a great time. You should visit the Brocklesby Hunt at least once in your life to admire the spectacle of all those competing [...]

Browse the gardens at Brocklesby estate during the Brocklesby hunt

If you head up to the Brocklesby Hunt you might consider extending your stay at the Brocklesby Estate to browse the gardens. They’re astoundingly beautiful and maintained by a considerable staff so they’re always as fantastic as possible. There’s a 1000 acre park and woodland area that’s suitable for enjoying a picnic along with a [...]

More than just the Brocklesby hunt at the Brocklesby estate

The Brocklesby Hunt is probably the most famous element of the Brocklesby Estate and it’s certainly the thing that draws the most people to the 27,000 acre tract of land, but there are other reasons to visit if you’re curious. First and foremost you can spend some time in the beautiful English countryside and appreciate [...]

The English countryside and the Brocklesby hunt

Outside of the horses and hounds it’s worth visiting the Brocklesby Estate and watching the Brocklesby Hunt because you’re in the English countryside and the beauty is astounding. The Estate encompasses 27,000 acres and they work hard to keep it looking beautiful with more than 70 staffers hard at work. That includes a 1,000 acre [...]

A history of the Brocklesby estate

There are more than 27,000 acres of land to the Brocklesby Estate and they hold a number of homes, including the largest that is now home to the Eighth Earl of Yarborough. The Pelham family was the first to live at Brocklesby and they arrived in 1565 to establish the Estate. There are 70 full [...]

Searching for foxes at the Brocklesby estate

The Brocklesby Hunt is a yearly tradition held in large part to display the magnificence of the Brocklesby hounds. They’ve been bred on the estate for more than 400 years and they are the finest of their kind. They are extraordinary Foxhounds that can sniff out an animal they’re hunting with little trouble. That’s what [...]

A history of the Brocklesby Hunt hounds

Did you know that the Brocklesby Hunt hounds have been bred on the estate grounds for more than 400 years? Doesn’t that fact blow your mind just a little bit? That’s an exceptionally long time and it’s exceptional dedication on the part of the breeders to create a line of magnificent animals. The breeding goes [...]

Horses and hounds at Brocklesby Hunt

Any fan of horses and hounds needs to visit the Brocklesby Hunt at some point in their life. First, the hounds have been raised on the Brocklesby Estate continuously since 1700 and they are impeccably bred. A long line of excellent breeding and top notch training ensures that these are the finest Foxhounds in the [...]

See the hunting hounds at Brocklesby Hunt

When you gather to watch the Brocklesby hunt you’ll be amazed at the sheer number of Foxhounds and horses as they mill about before it gets started. The sounds of barking and panting fill the air, the men on their horses look so stately, and the anticipation of everyone involved is fantastic. If you’re a [...]

Brocklesby Hunt features fabulous hounds

The Brocklesby hunt hounds are the oldest privately raised Foxhounds in all of England. Since roughly 1700 they’ve been raising the hounds on the private estate and they have full and complete records that date all the way back to 1746 to prove the line. It’s an amazing feat and something the people that run [...]